What is the hottest time of day in Texas?

10 All-time mortgage loans HoustonHottest Weather Temperature Days in Lubbock –  · The 10 all-time hottest weather temperature days recorded in the city of Lubbock, plus the hottest weather temperature ever recorded in the state of Texas. The temperature data for Lubbock dates back to 1911.

Dallas TX Average Temperatures by Month – Current Results – Days of Hot Weather in Dallas. From May to September, Dallas has daily temperatures of at least 70 F. Typically 17 of those days have 100-plus degree weather. Even winter days often reach 70 degrees. For only six times a year on average does the highest temperature of the day in Dallas stay below 40.

Houston Chiropractor Dr Gregory Johnson "Ring Dinger" Of The Day Helps Patient Grow Taller Hottest year in Texas – Answers.com – The hottest city in Texas on average is McAllen. It has an average12-month temperature of 74.6 degrees.

What time of day is the hottest in the Houston area? | Yahoo. – Best Answer: July and August being the hottest months. As far as the time goes, between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. We just recently had an Ozone Watch as well, check the signs on the freeways or the local news to be warned. In those cases, don’t try to go tanning in the sun.

Hottest Day in Texarkana Texas – Answers.com – I’ve been to Texas before and there is no hottest day because every single day is so hot you wouldn’t even know what day it even was.you will be outside having a good time share with friends Share to:

Current Local Time in Lubbock, Texas, USA – Time and Date – Current local time in USA – Texas – Lubbock. Get Lubbock’s weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Lubbock’s sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset. Menu timeanddate.com.. Apr 21 – san jacinto day; More Holidays in the United States.

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Tan? | Tips For Tanning – Generally speaking, the advice for what is the best time of day to tan outside is, is the same no matter where you live, be it a hot or cold country. If you want a decent tan you need to head outside when the sun is at its highest, which means around midday.

What’s the hottest time of the day? 10-2? Or 4-6. – reddit – Weather patterns can change any time of day, and effect the temperature with them, but from a solar heating standpoint. tl;dr: The higher the latitude, the later the hottest time of day. permalink

Climate of Houston – Wikipedia – The climate of Houston is classified as humid subtropical climate, Heat stroke can strike people who stay outdoors for long periods of time during the summer, Most indoor workers spend the hottest part of the day in air conditioning.

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